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1.1. In accordance with these Terms, SIA “ZorG” sells goods placed in the zorg.pro online store on the website (hereinafter - the Internet store). The buyer buys and accepts the product according to the assortment, which he / she indicates in the order made on the website of the Internet store or in the catalog (hereinafter - the order). Ownership of the product passes to the buyer on the day of full payment and receipt of the purchase price of the product.


1.2. SIA “ZorG”, unified registration number 50203252621, legal address: Dammes Street 4-13, Riga, LV-1067, Latvia, tel. number: +371 26090502 (hereinafter - the Seller), provides the content available on zorg.pro and provides services in accordance with these Terms.


1.3. By making a purchase in the Online Store and agreeing to these Terms, the buyer confirms that he is an able-bodied person and has provided the data necessary for the performance of the contract as true. If the buyer is a legal entity, it shall be handled by a duly authorized person. The buyer confirms that he will use the Internet store in accordance with regulatory enactments, only in an authorized manner. In case of any violation of the Terms or regulatory enactments, SIA “ZorG” has the right to immediately withdraw from the agreement on the purchase made by the buyer and / or deny the buyer the use of the Online Store.


1.4. If the Buyer orders and buys the goods offered in the Internet store and uses other services of SIA “ZorG”, it is considered that the Buyer has read and unreservedly agrees with the general terms as well as the terms of the distance contract and undertakes to comply with them.


1.5. A distance agreement (hereinafter - the Agreement) is concluded between the Seller and the Buyer, who places an order and makes a purchase in the online store. The Agreement enters into force at the moment when the Buyer has placed the order using means of distance communication and has received confirmation from the Seller about the order placed by e-mail or telephone. The order and the acknowledgment of receipt shall be deemed to have been received when they can be accessed by the person to whom they are addressed. The contract is valid until its execution, i.e. until the delivery of the ordered goods. The agreement applies to all orders and purchases made in the online store or using the printed catalog order form.


1.6. The Seller does not keep the concluded Agreements on goods and services purchased in the online store, they are available to the Buyer each time before making the purchase.


1.7. The Seller reserves the right to unilaterally change and supplement the Terms at any time without notice by publishing them on zorg.pro in the section “Terms and Conditions”. The Buyer is subject to the Terms in force at the time of ordering goods and services. Before making each purchase, the Buyer is obliged to get acquainted with the Terms of zorg.pro, moreover, the Buyer has the opportunity to print them.



2.1. In the online store, all product prices are indicated in Russian rubbles, including value added tax, if it is applicable in the amount specified in legislation (21%). The offered prices are valid at the time of ordering. By confirming the order in accordance with the order form or form, the buyer agrees to pay the price of the valid product.


2.2. The seller reserves the right to unilaterally change the prices of goods, set a special price for goods and services at any time without notice. Goods and services are sold at prices that are valid at the time of ordering the goods and services and are published in the online store or in the printed catalog. If, due to technical reasons, inappropriate or incorrect prices of goods are published on the Internet, the Seller shall inform the Buyer thereof that due to technical reasons the order cannot be fulfilled within a reasonable time.



3.1. The buyer can buy goods placed in the online store. The goods can be purchased while they are located in the online store and as long as the goods are available in the warehouse of SIA “ZorG” online store or suppliers.


3.2. If the Buyer has placed an order and the product is out of stock, but due to technical reasons it is not possible to quickly remove it from the offer, SIA “ZorG” informs the Buyer by phone or in writing that the contract cannot be fulfilled or offers an analogous product with the Buyer's consent. SIA “ZorG” does not cover possible losses that may occur if the Buyer has ordered a product that is no longer in stock and SIA “ZorG” has informed the buyer about this circumstance within 14 calendar days.


3.3. The seller reserves the right to unilaterally change the product range and change the product specifications at any time without notice. Product descriptions use information and images provided by manufacturers.



4.1. The order in the zorg.pro online store can be placed using the following link: zorg.pro. The order can be placed by both already registered and unregistered buyers. You can use the product finder or the store category menu to find the product you want. Once the product and its quantity have been selected, the "Add to cart" button must be pressed, then the method of payment and delivery must be selected. Going to the "Shopping cart" and press the "Checkout" button


4.2. Payment for the purchase is possible in one of the following payment methods: by bank card on the spot in the store and by paying a prepaid invoice.


4.3. The amount of information to be entered depends on the selected payment or delivery method. Clicking the "Continue" button will display an order summary with the total payment amount. In this step, if necessary, the Buyer can correct the specified information.


4.4. By clicking the "Place order" button, the Buyer agrees to purchase the selected Product and undertakes to pay for the specified product and delivery price.


4.5. When placing an order by phone or e-mail, the Buyer must specify the product code and full product name, as well as all personal, delivery data, as well as contact information required for the performance of the Agreement. SIA “ZorG” may unilaterally not accept the order for processing and terminate the Agreement if the Buyer has provided incomplete information about the selected product or the Buyer's data, which is necessary for concluding the Agreement.

4.6. When placing an order in the Internet store zorg.pro , the Buyer undertakes to pay for the ordered goods and the provided service.


4.7. By placing an order, the Buyer confirms that he has read the Terms of Purchase at zorg.pro.


4.8. If the Buyer has indicated his e-mail for communication, which is necessary for concluding a distance contract, the Buyer will receive an order confirmation to the specified e-mail after placing the order. The buyer is obliged to check the information and data specified in the order. In case of discrepancy of information and / or data, the Buyer informs the Seller using the customer service e-mail address of zorg.pro online store: ushkalov@yandex.ru or by calling the specified customer service phone number: +371 26090502 or +7 928 8101112. The Buyer is obliged to unambiguously identify himself / herself, to make changes to the order. The Buyer can print the order and the confirmation of its receipt.


4.9 Upon receipt of the order confirmation, please check all information carefully. Changing the receiving address / delivery method after sending the shipment is a paid service (delivery fee depends on the new selected delivery method).



5.1. Delivery of the goods to the buyer is made in the manner chosen by the buyer.


5.2. Delivery of the goods takes place in accordance with the price specified in the order and the delivery service price specified in the order.


5.3. Delivery / receipt of goods may be limited depending on the size and weight of the goods. Information about the possibility of delivery and receipt of the Goods can be found separately for each product in the Online Store.


5.4. In some cases, if several items are ordered in one order, some items may be delivered in a separate shipment. Information about it is available at the specific product on the website, or after placing the order, the employees of the Customer Service Center will contact the Buyer and inform them that the ordered goods will be received in separate shipments.


5.5. The buyer is obliged to be reached by e-mail and / or mobile phone number specified in the order to agree with the supplier (courier) on the delivery details (deadline, place) and other issues for order fulfilment.


5.6. Before receiving the goods, the Buyer must present an identity document - passport or ID card, as well as the order number or order confirmation. The goods are issued only to the Buyer, whose data is indicated in the respective order of the goods. If the Buyer does not provide the order number or order confirmation, or an identity document, the Seller / Courier of the goods delivery service has the right not to deliver the goods.


5.7. Obligation of the buyer to receive the goods before signing the bill of lading, to visually assess the outer packaging of the goods in the presence of the courier, whether there are visible visual defects of the packaging or the goods. If defects are discovered, the buyer has the right to refuse to accept the product and immediately inform the seller about this fact, so that it is possible to replace the damaged product as soon as possible.

5.8. The goods are handed over to the Buyer in accordance with the cashier's check / Receipt and / or bill of lading signed by the Buyer. The order is considered fulfilled by receiving the goods and signing the mentioned documents. If the Buyer has chosen to deliver the goods to the desired address, the order is considered fulfilled with the delivery of the goods, which is confirmed by the Buyer's signature on a document issued by the courier or in a device specially designed for it.


5.9. SIA “ZorG” is not responsible and does not compensate the buyer for any possible losses if the planned delivery time of the goods is delayed. If the planned term of delivery of the goods is delayed and the Buyer no longer wishes to wait for the delivery of the goods, then the Buyer has the right to unilaterally withdraw from the Agreement by notifying the Seller. In this case, the buyer is not entitled to claim any compensation from the seller. The term of delivery of goods is considered to be a term not exceeding 30 calendar days, except in cases when the Seller and the Buyer have separately agreed on other terms of delivery of goods.



6.1. Before starting to use the product, the buyer is obliged to carefully read the instructions for use of the product and use the product only in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions in accordance with the product's characteristics and intended use.


6.2. The product display in the online store and in the printed Catalog is for information only and may differ in nature. zorg.pro online store does not guarantee the conformity of the product to any buyer's wishes or purposes of use.


6.3. Claims regarding the conformity of the product with the provisions of the contract are resolved in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Rights Protection Law.


6.4. SIA “ZorG” obligations do not apply to defects that have arisen as a result of improper use, transportation and / or storage of the product, as well as to the normal wear and tear of the product during its operation. During and after the warranty period, the goods are serviced in the service centers authorized by the manufacturer of the goods in accordance with the warranties provided by the manufacturers of the goods and these Terms.



7.1. The buyer, who in accordance with regulatory enactments is considered to be a consumer (natural person), has the right to refuse to purchase the product at a distance in accordance with regulatory enactments within 14 days of receipt of the goods. In case of exercising the right of withdrawal, the buyer is obliged to return the purchased product to its seller SIA “ZorG”. The buyer is obliged to cover the costs of transferring the goods to SIA “ZorG”, in accordance with regulatory enactments. The buyer is obliged to get acquainted with the right of withdrawal on the website of the online store zorg.pro in the section "Warranties and Right of Withdrawal".


7.2. A Legal Entity is not considered a Consumer within the meaning of the Law and the Right of Withdrawal does not apply to Legal Entities.


7.3. The Buyer agrees to the processing of his / her personal data provided during registration, ordering and / or obtained using the Online Store for the purpose of order (contract) execution, including transfer to third parties for delivery, payment processing, as well as to verify the buyer's creditworthiness and ability meet payment obligations. SIA “ZorG” has the right to transfer to third parties the right to collect the debt arising from the purchase, if any, data about the buyer for debt collection purposes, which also includes the right to use the buyer's personal data to create the buyer's credit history and enter buyer's data.


7.4. The website of the online store uses cookies. By using this website, the buyer agrees to the use of cookies for performance / analytical purposes.


7.5. The Seller shall not be liable for any expenses, losses or losses that may arise as a result of the use of the information provided by SIA “ZorG” or because the website or online store zorg.pro is not available for any reason or the operation of zorg.pro has been disrupted or discontinued. This does not limit the Buyer's rights in accordance with the requirements of consumer law. In case the product or service offered by zorg.pro is not available, the Buyer has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract. In this case, the Seller refunds to the Buyer all amounts paid under the contract.


7.6. The Buyer assumes all risks and responsibilities for purchases made in the Online Store zorg.pro, including receipt (acceptance) of the product. Upon delivery of the goods to the Buyer, the risk of loss or damage of the goods passes to the Buyer from the moment when the Buyer or his representative has acquired possession of the goods, except for the cases specified in regulatory enactments.


7.7. Seller shall not be liable for any delay or non-performance, or other non-performance, due to circumstances and obstacles beyond the Seller's reasonable control that could not reasonably have been foreseen, including but not limited to strikes, government orders, acts of war or national emergencies, environmental or climate anomalies, disruptions to Internet connections, and disruptions to communications equipment, computers and software.


7.8. By visiting, registering and / or placing orders in the Online Store, the buyer agrees to these Terms, including those referenced here in the form of links. Any new services and functionality of the Online Store are subject to these Terms. SIA “ZorG” has the right to amend these Terms at any time by publishing on this website, and the buyer is obliged to review the Terms before using the Online Store, registering and / or placing an order. Using the online store, registering and / or placing an order after the publication of any changes to the Terms and Conditions serves as the buyer's consent to these changes.

7.9. The Seller does not assume any risks or responsibilities if the Buyer has not read or has partially read the Terms and Privacy Policy.

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